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Evidence Schmevidence

Recently I was combing through Facebook posts (yes, I know it’s dangerous) and I came to the realization that the longer I am a part of this community the closer I come to strangling the hell out of someone. I have reasons, I think I’ll share.

First off, this does not pertain to the people who can honestly claim ignorance on things and will actually take advice or explanation when they request it. This pertains more to the people who are so dead set on their dust being haunted that they will go to lengths far surpassing idiotic just to convince anyone that they are right.
More often than not they are successful at convincing people that they are the all-knowing masters of the paranormal community, Sadly these people are the ones that help perpetuate their crap that they peddle at every conference,Facebook page and the thousands of team pages on the internet that couldn’t “Investigate” their way out of a paper bag.

Lets start off with the word Investigate:

Investigate: to observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry (
Now if I had to break down the meaning of each word I could but I’m going to assume the majority of the people reading this have at the very least a basic understanding of the English language.

How can one call themselves or their team a group of Investigators when they repeatedly put up pictures such as:

When  they are scientifically proven to be something else, not theorized, PROVEN.

how is this investigating? how is this systematic inquiry? how is this anything more or less than a con?

Why is it people who post pictures like this are constantly patted on their digital backs for this garbage?  Why are the people who make up the paranormal community not enraged by the image these folks are putting out there for them?  Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are some who are enraged. I know some who are working to fight back against the insanity of this crap but we are outnumbered by far and for every step we take forward the mindless sheep followers of these morons pushing their craptastic pictures, evp’s and other nonsense that is “paranormal”, make us fall 20 years back.

Ok so now lets look at the word Paranormal

Paranormal:  “not scientifically explainable” (

So I revert to my previous statement, how can people help push these groups into the limelight with their bogus pictures (and often faked) as paranormal evidence when they have been continuously and repeatedly without fail been PROVEN otherwise?


how about that other word in there? Evidence

Evidence: a : an outward sign : indication b : something that furnishes proof : testimony; specifically :something legally submitted to a tribunal to ascertain the truth of a matter (

That word itself defines the need for PROOF which has yet (to my knowledge) ever been obtained in the paranormal “field” Sure there are theories, ideas and possible explanations but when has proof been given? where was it obtained, by who? I want to shake that person’s hand!


So in closing I will get back to my realization that i mentioned at the beginning of the post, not only do I want to strangle the better 3/4 of the paranormal communities “experts” I wouldn’t mind snuffing out the people that help make them famous by encouraging them with words like “AWESOME”, “I clearly see a face” and my all time favorite as you all know “GREAT CATCH”  there are so many more but I lack the patience to post them all.



What became of Robert Bess and the Parabot?

It has been three years since the Parabot made an appearance on Ghost Adventures on the History Channel. As you may recall a gentleman by the name of Robert Bess was showcasing his ghost containment unit on the live Ghost Adventures special. Robert lost credibility among his paranormal peers that night when he claimed a poltergeist ripped an EMF detector out of his hand, controversy sparked when spectators believed he threw the meter and was a fraud. I can think of a few other reasons for him to lose credibility in the field, one starts with para and ends with bot.

What is the Parabot?

This answer will not come easy, it appears to be a Plexiglas booth, with a Tesla coil in it. Bess claims this unit will capture and contain a spirit making it visible for a short time, thus proving the existence of ghosts. He also claims that he has successfully contained several spirits since 2007 (which has not been verified) and has had a live demonstration in 2010 at the Byrd Park Pump House.

The demonstration in 2010 failed,  he claims there were so many spirits it broke his machine. During an on-line interview Bess stated that he was working with A&E to develop a show that in his own words

“will be delivering the most powerful paranormal series ever to be watched”.

Two years later I have yet to hear anything of this show, I can only hope A&E determined that Bess was a fraud. There have been talks of Robert doing another event at the Byrd Park Pump House in the future, let’s hope that the spirits cooperate with his Parabot and it doesn’t break down this time. There are also rumors that he is currently begging for money at the corner of a busy highway in Virginia, somehow I don’t doubt that rumor.

To view photos of that spectacle see the slideshow HERE

Personally I can’t believe that Bess is even trying to be taken seriously in this field, people do not forget when they feel as they have been defrauded, and with these outlandish claims of a ghost containment unit, all I can think of is that Robert Bess wants to see his name on IMDB. I thought that we were finally rid of Bess, It had been over a year since I heard much about him, and I noticed that his name was no longer associated with the Foundation for Paranormal Research, which he apparently founded until I found this video….

I guess the world has not heard enough from Robert, and he will continue to promote his Tesla coil on wheels until someone, somewhere gives him the fame that he is so clearly seeking. I hope to be able to speak with him and give him an opportunity to clarify a few things.

The Lastest in Paranormal Fraud – GHOSTS OF NEW ENGLAND RESEARCH SOCIETY (G.O.N.E.R.S.)

We all know that fraud in the paranormal is not new, we have investigators fighting with other investigators, territory wars and of course the fame whores that want nothing more than to get their faces on TV to spread their terrible misinformation. I think yesterday we actually had a taste of all of that rolled up into one big ball of fraud called the “Ghosts of New England Research Society” or (G.O.N.E.R.S)… oh the irony.

I am going to give you the brief story, and then I have other writers who are going to show you the actual screen shots of what was said, because in this day and age, who doesn’t take screen shots!

The photo in question is below:


Left is what (GONERS) posted, Right is the famous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Photo.

Now clearly any fool can see that this is the exact same image superimposed on another photograph. This is not my huge problem, It’s not that they played with Photoshop and made a fake ghost photo, because I have done that before too (I will explain later) and its not even that they tried to pawn this off as evidence of the paranormal to unsuspecting viewers of a terrible television show (yes they are going to be on Discovery’s A Haunting). What I can’t believe is that they put this up calling it the “Holy Grail” of the paranormal to their paranormal peers! Do they really think we are idiots? Do they think that as paranormal enthusiasts we haven’t seen the Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Photo? that would be like superimposing the brown lady and thinking nobody would figure it out. Or maybe using Harry Price’s portrait as a spirit face that shows up in your “energy orbs”.

There should be repercussions for groups that knowingly submit this stuff as evidence, I don’t care if they were duped by someone else, all it takes is research, and if you have been in the field a collective 25 years as this group claims, than you should have some common sense and some basic investigative skills. take a look at the data in your photo and see if it has been manipulated. And finally when you do get caught, own up to it, don’t back pedal.

Dear (G.O.N.E.R.S.) the paranormal field is not as stupid as you think we are.

you can visit the Ghosts of New England Research Society by going


or listen to their awful EVP “Evidence” HERE

and I would say you could show them some love on facebook but they blocked people from being able to post on their wall… but anyway HERE they are

why don’t you go ahead and show them some love.

more to come about this particular case, screen shots and all.


this was posted by the director of (G.O.N.E.R.S)

Early this morning, we were contacted by a Paranormal Group from Illinois, who claimed that a photo which appeared on our website and FaceBook page, was actually their picture, taken in 1991, and is now part of a Ghost Cam app. The picture is copywrited and they are attempting to have the picture removed from the app. The picture was given to G.O.N.E.R.S. by our client, who claimed to have taken the picture herself. We researched the picture on line and even had a professional examine it. He could not determine any fakery. It now appears that the picture does actually belong to the other group and we have removed it from our website and Facebook page. This in no way diminishes the large amount of legitimate paranormal activity we captured at the location, although I know in the minds of many, it will cast doubt on it. The sad thing is that there was absolutely no need for this kind of nonsense because of all the real activity taking place. G.O.N.E.R.S. is all about seeking the truth and sharing it with you, our fans and friends. We will do this without fail, even when we have to reveal, as painful as it is, that we were hoodwinked by a friend……………..Kurt Knapp

So what do you think? I would thing that if it was analyzed it would be pretty obvious that it was a fake! This group is fooled by iphone apps? are you kidding me?


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